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A wish for Coxhoe

10 October 2017 (by admin)

We are delighted to announce that we have been accepted to receive a share of the £25,000 as part of the Gazette Wish in Teeside.

We are required to collect as many tokens as possible from the Chronicle Newspaper - the more tokens we collect - the larger the share! We would like to ask you to work together as a community to help us collect as many tokens as possible. We will use the funding towards the development of our new Key Stage 1 outdoor learning area. The tokens go live on Wednesday and will be released every day. Each class teacher will have a special token chart that holds up to 500 tokens. As a staff we are also working with our family and friends to fill our own token charts. Please send tokens into school so that your child can help fill their class chart. GET COLLECTING COXHOE!